Scientific peers journals do not accept papers from independent researchers whatever their content. Due to the impossibility to publish this theory in peer journals, the author has chosen the patent way to keep priority of his work. It does not mean that you can't reproduce it. You do.

This theory can be freely reproduced
by anyone without charges

This theory was filed in different legal forms for Copyright, and at INPI, the French Patent Institute, under the following references:

238268, 238633, 244221, 248427, 258796, 261255, 268327, 297706, 297751, 297811, 297928, 298079, 298080, 329638, 332647, 335152, 335153, 339797,12-1112.

First deposit date at INPI: May, 5, 2005
Major deposit date at INPI: December, 27, 2005

In 2006, this theory was addressed to more than 7000 physicists worldwide by e-mail. Several paper copies were sent in October, 2006, to the most important Academics of Science and Committees of Foundations for Research.

This theory was also published on November, 30, 2006, on 28 different web sites. It is also referenced on many sites and more than 240 000 Internet Users have read it. Many emails were also sent to the author since 2006. These emails have been authenticated by a bailiff.

This theory has also been published in a book referenced 97829531234-0-5.

This theory is the intellectual property of its author, Jacky Jerome, and any illicit appropriation of it will be subject to prosecution.

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